We are so happy that you are here, my name is Mixelnator777, and I am thw owner of this will, there is gonna be rules here that you will fallow, but if you break the rules, you will get bloked, so here are the rules


Rule #1: No Bullying

Rule #2: No Threatening

Rule #3: Don't be bossy of the owner of the wiki (Me)

Rule #4: No Swearing

Rule #5: No Racism

Rule #6: No Harassing

Rule #7: No Trolling

Rule #8: We DON'T allow joke OCs (But, OC's are allowed, but don't put joke OCs)

Rule #9: No Rude/Bad/Dumb Comments

Rule #10: No NSFW Stuff (SFW Only)

Employees for the Wiki

  • Mixelnator777 (founder and admin)
  • LlamacornsXD (admin)



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