Hello, and welcome to Yandere Simulator All-Stars Wiki, we are so happy that you guys are here, there will be rules of tthis wiki, if you break rule, you wilwill get a warning, but if you get 3 warnings, you will be blocked, so here they are

General Rules

  1. No attacking, targeting, bullying, or harassment. [C]
    1. Harassment on other sites will receive punishment on this wiki by an admin+ plus mini-staff vote at the request of the victim.
    2. Harassment on sites wikis will always count if the harasser is following their victim to this wiki.
    3. Harassment on other sites will also always count if it's clear the other site was used to get around punishment on this wiki.
  2. No bigotry. [C] [M]
  3. No spamming/trolling. [C] [M]
  4. No vandalism. [M]
  5. No badge farming. [H] [M]
  6. No advertising. [H] [M]
  7. No linking pornography or other NSFW material.
    1. An exception is in place for NSFW Kisekae.
  8. No spreading private information about people.
  9. No sharing leaked info or leaking info.
  10. No removing warnings or block messages from your wall. [M]
  11. No false reporting. [M]
  12. No pretending/claiming to be staff when you aren't. [M]
  13. Your not allowed to swear here
  14. No bad comments

  1. No adding categories to user-pages and blogs. [H] [M]
    1. Exceptions are made for Staff Members and User of the Week categories.
  2. Keep blogs on the topic of the game or wiki. [H] [M]
  3. Make sure your edits are in English. [H] [M]
    1. Adding quotes or similar to a page is fine.
  4. No adding auto-playing music to pages. [H] [M]
  5. No adding templates only staff members can add to a page. [H] [M]
  6. No claiming something is yours when it's not. [H] [M]
  7. No giving yourself YanYen you didn't earn. [H] [M]

Page Rules

  1. No using another user's OCs without permission. [M]
  2. No editing a user's OC without permission. [M]
    1. Adding categories without permission is allowed.
      1. However, if the user clearly states not to, the edit breaks the rules.
    2. Staff members are allowed to edit a user's OC without permission.
      1. Edits must be related to staff duties.
  3. No stealing characters from other works. [M]
    1. Parodies are allowed, though they should be clearly a parody and be different from the source.
      1. Names must also be changed. This can be a few letters or completely different names.
  4. A page must relate to the game or it may be deleted. [H] [M]
    1. The creator will be notified 3 days in advance to make the page abide by wiki rules or it will be deleted.
    2. The creator may request the OC to be brought back so they can edit it to follow rules.
  5. No creating OCs to insult another user unless permission is given. [M]
  6. In the event that the owners of a shared OC terminate the sharing, the one who did the majority of the work will receive full ownership.
    1. If the work was split and done evenly, then an admin or higher will intervene.
  7. OCs will not be deleted or given to another user due to inactivity without the owner's permission.
  8. If an OC is given from 1 user to another and the other eventually wants it back, it will only be given back if both agree or the OC wasn't significantly changed.
    1. An admin will intervene if it's not clear anything was significantly changed.

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